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These air horns give a loud warning blast of 128 decibels! Uses the stock horn button. Can be easily installed in 20-30 minutes.

All air horn sets are bolt on and plug-in, requiring about 30 minutes to install. They include the compressor, dust/bug covers, all necessary hardware, hoses, wiring, fuse, relay and detailed instructions with pictures.

The trumpets are triple plated chrome as well as the mounts and brackets so the shine and finish will last for years to come. They are completely waterproof. No hole drilling is required: bolt-on, plug-in installation. Cone shaped covers are included which mount to the front of the trumpets. One year unlimited warranty.

All kits include horn assembly, air compressor, relay, simple wiring and complete installation instructions. These horns mount to the front right side engine guard, with the compressor mounting to the frame behind the lowers.

The air compressor creates instant air pressure to the horns. Since the pressure is created so fast there is no need for a storage tank as on Semi Trucks and RVs. Although the pressure is very low (12-15 psi) it delivers a large volume of air (3 CFM or cubic feet per minute). This low-pressure high volume air supply causes the diaphragm inside the horn to vibrate at a high rate of speed or *frequency* the exact speed at which it vibrates is varied by the length of the horn or trumpet. Together the horn set produces an extremely loud 128-decibel warning blast. This is approximately 4 times louder than most electric motorcycle horns, which usually rate at 87 decibels.

A stock motorcycle horn draws only a small amount of power - less than 1 amp - which comes directly from the horn button on the handlebars producing the familiar weak motorcycle beep. The air horn's electric air compressor draws considerably more power - approximately 8 amps. This requires the use of a relay, heavier gauge wire and a fuse to prevent damage to the horn button contacts, as well as provide enough amperage to run the compressor at full speed. These components are included in the kit.

AHHD Fits:

Harley Davidson

  • FL Models Electra Glide / Road King / Road Glide
  • FL Model Softails
  • FX Model Softails
  • FX Model Dyna Glides*
  • XL Model Sportsters**
  • 1998-2004 VL1500 L/C Intruder
  • 2005-2006 C90, C90 Black
  • 77-85 FXS/FXSB Low Rider
  • 70-85 FX/FXE Super Glide
  • 83 FXDG Disc Glide
  • 96-98 XL1200C
  • all XLH 883
  • all XLH 883 Hugger
  • 02-06 XL 883 C/L

AHVT11 Fits:


  • VT1100 Shadow Spirit, 87-06
  • VT1100C2 Sabre, 00-06
  • VT1100C3 Aero, 98-06
  • VT1100 ACE, 95-99

AHVX13 Fits:


  • VTX1300C Performance Cruiser , 03-06
  • VTX1300S Classic Cruiser, 03-06
  • VTX1300R Retro Cruiser, 03-06

AHVX Fits:


  • VTX1800C Performance Cruiser , 02-06
  • VTX1800F Sport Cruiser, 02-06
  • VTX1800S Classic Cruiser, 02-06
  • VTX1800R Retro Cruiser, 02-06
  • VTX1800N Neo-Retro Cruiser, 04-06



  • VN2000, 03-06
  • VN2000 Limited, 05-06
  • VN1600 Classic, 03-06
  • VN1600 Mean Streak, 03-06
  • VN1500N Classic FI, 00-06
  • VN1500 D/E Classic, 96-06
  • VN1500 Nomad, 98-06
  • VN1500R Drifter, 01-06
  • VN800 Drifter, 99-06
  • VN800B Classic, 96-06
  • VN750A, 96-06
  • VN750/700, Pre 86


Harley Davidson

  • FXS/FXSB Low Rider, 77-85
  • FX/FXE Super Glide, 70-85
  • FXDG Disc Glide, 83
  • XL1200C, 96-98
  • XLH 883, All
  • XLH 883 Hugger, All
  • XL 883 C/L, 02-06


  • VT750CD ACE, 97-04
  • VT750C ACE, 97-00
  • VT750DC Spirit, 01-03 & 05
  • VT700C, 84-87
  • VLX600 / VLX600 Deluxe, 88-05
  • Spirit & Scout, All



  • VN750/700, Pre 86


  • S1400 Intruder, 87-04
  • 2005-2006 S83
  • VL800 Intruder Volusia, 01-04
  • 2005-2006 S50, C50, C50 Black


  • All Models, All Years


  • XV1600 Road Star, 99-05
  • XVS1100 V-Star Classic/Custom, 99-05
  • XV1100/1000 Virago (with engine guards), 84-99
  • XV750 Virago (with engine guards), 88-98
  • XVS650 V-Star Classic/Custom, 97-05
Multiple Application Horn kit. Several mounting abilities and locations to fit most bikes, namely Yamaha V-Stars, Road Stars, and any other bikes with frame mounting ability or engine guards. These horns give a loud warning blast of 128 decibels all chrome finish.

Air horns for Royal Star *1996 & Newer. These air horns give a loud warning blast of 128 decibels. Triple plated chrome trumpets mount to the bolts near the swing arm. Trumpets mount inward on the muffler just below the swing arm. Compressor mounts directly behind the stock horn. May or may not use stock horn. Virtually unseen, but same life saving decibel level. *1996 Royal Stars with 4 Exhaust pipes need to modify the horn brackets for exact fitment.* For tech support call 888-801-8222.


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  • Manufactured by: Rivco

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